YouTube Video Integration for Club Websites
YouTube Video Integration for Club Websites

New and Updated Features – November 2017

Recently, we have been working with a small core of clubs throughout the UK with the ongoing aim of continuing to improve the platform we offer to grassroots teams.

When building the platform, we were faced with the challenge of making it sufficiently easy to use for the average beginner but also customisable for those webmasters and volunteers who may want to get an upper hand over their rivals with their online presence. Feedback from our clubs has been instrumental in driving Team Websites forward and, to date, numerous feature requests have been received, reviewed and built by our 18-year-old developer Morgan.

Club Website Login via Team Websites
The new login banner on the Team Websites main site that now better links to our network of club websites.

We have tried our utmost to make the platform as easy to use and navigate wherever possible. Over the last few weeks, we have made minor updates to the platform we provide, in the new Webmaster Portal and adding a Login section and button in two prime spots on the home page of our main website. The Webmaster Portal aids easier navigation to enable webmasters to directly access their club website and admin panel. Forget the days of having to remember your website’s URL.

New Features

During an online meeting with another County Football Association within the last fortnight, it was suggested to add a minor checkbox to enable clubs to display their County FA logo in either a greyscale or full-colour format. The reason behind this recommendation was due to the fact that some of the logos for each County FA did not display particularly clearly. Since then, this has been actioned and added to our sites. Wording for the Site Verification tick feature has also been improved.

One feature requested from the webmaster of Bermondsey Town FC was to further integrate our sites with the most popular video sharing platform, YouTube. After weeks of forehead-scratching, we have implemented a dedicated new banner section for the home page, showcasing the latest 3 videos uploaded on the Club’s YouTube account.

YouTube Video Integration for Club Website Homepages - Team Websites
YouTube Video Integration for Club Website Homepages. Display your Club’s latest 3 videos plus a direct link to your YouTube.

Webmasters now also have the option to add the new Club Sponsors widget to their site’s sidebar, outputting any uploaded club sponsors.

Lastly, we have added the option to toggle on or off to control the visibility of the appropriate Upcoming Fixtures and Match Centre home page components. With the latter displaying the latest results from all teams within the club, this feature is sometimes not required for those teams who wish to embed fixtures, results and league tables from their league’s FA Full-Time website. The options have been added to the Live Customizer feature, which can be accessed by heading to Template Configuration, under Appearance, within the admin panel.

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