New Server – Update

Co-founder Morgan McLellan issues an update on the successful move and migration to the new server.

Most of the recent Bank Holiday weekend I spent working alongside a fellow website designer called Jamie, transferring each and every file, from every website, across to the new server. Jamie’s assistance and guidance ensured a smooth transition across. For this reason, I greatly appreciate his help and would like to thank him for providing guidance at a moments notice.

There have been some tedious teething issues early-on, but we have overcome most of them…

As part of our long-term mission to simplify the way our club website network is set-up – ultimately striving to make the overall service more efficient – we decided to make some major structural changes. Before, under the old set-up, all Free clubs were hosted on the same ‘multisite’ network, meaning these sites were hosted all on the same individual website set-up. Paid clubs, meanwhile, were running as individual installations, thus meaning we had to manually update any template or add-on files we tweaked and changed on each site. This simply wasn’t efficient nor practical going forward and therefore we set out on making the whole signup/payment process more automated and time efficient – for both our clubs and myself.

Coupon codes for affiliated Somerset FA clubs, and those in receipt of FA Charter Standard status, are also available to be applied and entered during the latter stages of the new stepped Website Signup form. If you are affiliated to Somerset FA and experience any issues in entering a discount code, either at signup or when managing your subscription within your website’s admin panel, please contact us.

Despite everything now looking as if it has settled down and that everything has been configured correctly, there may be further minor teething issues. Rest assured, though, we will continue to test and work to fix any bugs or issues which are brought to our attention. The best email to reach me on is:

I would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused in the delayed launch of the revised set-up on the new server. In the coming weeks, I plan on moving across the remainder of our Paid clubs and get them settled on the new set-up. Of course, we will be notifying those clubs affected by these imminent changes in due course.

Even for some coaches, summer is no time to rest. Look after yourselves, rest and refresh, and hopefully speak to you at some point in the close season.


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