Rebranding: New Logo, New Website

Team Websites are, without further ado, delighted to unveil their new logo and smart-looking new website.

We picked the best bits from our previous website, and with some helpful tips and guidance from a local website design agency, Codepotato, we have produced something which hopefully and truly showcases our best bits in terms of previous work while also bringing together the grassroots football community with a brand new blog solely dedicated to grassroots football!

We kicked off our free club website plan on 2 June (2017) and has proved, so far, to be a hit success. We conducted our own bit of research into the available options on the market of a free team/club website and found that many clubs turned to providers of a free website that offers all the essential tools of managing their club’s online presence, but all too often, are plagued with 3rd party, often non-related, advertising. Additionally, we also found that the quality of a website’s design was compromised by either the fact it was a low-cost solution or one that was dominated by such advertising.

A couple of years ago, we found ourselves in what may be very similar circumstances to what many clubs throughout the UK, and abroad, find themselves in at one point or another; a minimal budget to put on record what the club is about, where they play and generally answering the 5 W’s – the who, what, when, where and why.

The who, apart from being a very famous music band, is quite obvious…the people who make grassroots football what it is, the people who make games possible and those who participate in what is a very special sport for the masses – the managers, coaches, players, kitpersons and the groundsmen and women. Age may be another factor that comes into play here.

What is actually one of the more simpler points here and can be summed up as one of the following is what: match, training or notable event.

When, where and why is quite broad if not put into context. To answer why, you may have to look at a club’s calendar for upcoming matches and events, plus any other resources and articles available. To put this into context, Team X has a match against Team Y next Saturday, but they – often coaches or team managers – need to publish details of where and when in order to allow their players and members to a) get to the right location, and b) arrive in time. With a website, this is all possible in a time-efficient and effective manner, where your members and players can seek the information they want all in one place, without having to scroll through dozens and dozens of messages, texts and trying to remember the finer details. As part of the why, the coach may ask for players to arrive at a certain time in order to be fully warmed up and prepared for the game ahead.

New Grassroots Football Blog

Since we announced our intention to launch a new blog solely dedicated on Grassroots Football, there has been plenty of interest in those involved in football at grassroots level who wish to share their stories as a coach or volunteer.

We are hereby delighted to announce the launch of this new blog, which will surely act as the ‘hub’ of football at where it all starts off – grassroots. With coaches eagerly wishing to share various stories, tips and guidance, we believe this is an exciting time for everyone to get involved.

Want more details? Email our editor on:

New Logo

We considered our branding for Team Websites very carefully and specifically, and at least in the short term, wanted to target primarily football clubs. With this in mind, we carefully considered various options as possible logos but we believe that the iconic shirt worn by everyone who participates from Sunday League all the way to the elite level of the game is the right way forward. The simplistic and iconic design is reflected across all of our social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We truly believe we have stronger branding for what is a bright future ahead.

New Website

The new website is clearer to navigate, more user-friendly and is still responsive across all devices, like our club websites. It also fits in with our new branding and incorporates the new logo, with separate landing pages for each and every package – be it Free, Starter, Amateur or Legend.

With the clearer links on and between pages, we hope the new experience is an enjoyable and pleasant one. As always, we appreciate all feedback we receive. Have some feedback or a question? Contact us today.

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