Visual Match Lineup
Visual Match Lineup

New Feature: Visual Match Lineup

Following feedback from our users, over the past few days, we have been hard at work building a major new feature that we hope you’ll love.

Visual Lineup

Add, Select, then Share!

Accompanying the standard player lineup list for each game – displaying all the usual statistics for each player for that fixture – we have added a visual lineup graphic that displays the selected starting 11 players in a more professional manner. On a pitch-perfect background, each player and their relevant photo displays exactly like the pros. What’s more? From your standard 4-4-2 to that coach who wants his team to dominate in the final third, with a 4-3-3, there’s eleven formation variations to choose from.

Simply select the starting 11, set the formation, then hit the save button. Your lineup, in the new format, will then automatically display on the relevant match page. Its really as easy as that!

With a lineup and formation selected, you can then, using selected browsers and viewing from a desktop PC, save the lineup graphic to share on your chosen social media or messaging platform.

How to Save

Simply click the ‘Generate’ button, then click ‘Save as Picture’.

We found that it best works, and is supported, in the following browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, MS Edge, Firefox and the latest versions of Safari, when viewing from a desktop PC. Please note that the lineup saving function is not currently compatible or available for mobile devices.

Visual Match Lineup

Latest Club News

Updated Sidebar Widget

Over the weekend, we also spent some time taking a look at how we could improve the design of selected widgets in the sidebar of a club’s website.

This time around, we decided to focus on improving the design of the “Club News”, formerly called “Recent Posts”, sidebar widget. The sidebar of your site is becoming all the more important for navigating between the latest news stories, special messages and other updates surrounding your club. With this in mind, we added a small thumbnail on the left hand side for each posted article.

From there, we improved the size of each article’s date to give the title more prominence. In terms of the options around how many articles are displayed in the widget, plus the ability to toggle the display of the article’s date on/off, we decided to leave these options up to you, as the club webmaster.

Both of these features are now available for our club webmasters, including our free users, to take full advantage of. As always, we appreciate any feedback we receive – feel free to do so, via this page.

You can create your free club website by clicking here.

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