Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Two years ago we officially launched Team Websites after months and months of hard work.

In 2016, my fellow co-founder and I sat down to discuss how we could break into an already saturated market. The task was tough but not a case of mission impossible.

We never thought it would have quite literally taken off so quickly! To have partnerships with two County FA’s in Cheshire FA and Somerset FA and potentially another in the pipeline is mind blowing.

Paul Kirton came on board last year and instantly bought into my vision to make Team Websites the best club website platform on the market. We know it will take a lot of patience, time and reinvestment but we are making really good progress… A design that is loved by our clubs and most importantly one that is mobile-friendly and prints out well.

Personally, I have invested over 2,500 hours into Team Websites – juggling this alongside my A-Level exams that I completed last year and for which I got some good grades for. Since setting up I have also invested my own money to cover a few costs. Without this commitment I would probably have ended up working in retail rather than full-time in the Marketing department at a further education college!

To put it into perspective, I currently design the template and answer any support and sales emails in any limited spare time I have whilst Mandy answers and directs any telephone calls through the Grassroots office. Paul has been a massive help on the marketing/promotion side too. I will be handing over the support side to Mandy in the near future. Paul, Mandy and I all juggle work, family and personal commitments alongside this, with Team Websites not being our full-time job.

I love having a quick catch-up with our clubs to hear about how they are getting on with their club website or progress they are making both on and off-the-pitch 💙 From going from loathing football at the age of 10 to having that inseparable feeling at the age of 19 is quite remarkable! ⚽

Since last year, signup numbers have spiked and so have my workload. Things are starting to settle down now, with the latest batch of comprehensive FAQ help guides.

There are still some aspects to fine tune and feedback to take on board but I am sure that we are moving in the right direction. We think both cleverly and practically – how we can be one step ahead of the competition yet also considering how practical something is.

Imminently, we will be launching our new league website platform, called Beta Leagues. We will be rolling out branded league websites as part of our contract with Cheshire FA, collecting any feedback before rolling it out on a mass scale.

I want to thank our hundreds of clubs for supporting us and for the overwhelmingly positive and constructive feedback. The foundations have been set and so let’s continue to build on them.

Join us in toasting to a bright future!

Best wishes for the new season,

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