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Adding your Club and Opposition Clubs for recording results

You must complete these steps thoroughly in order for your website to be correctly configured and ready to record results using the Team Websites CMS.

  1. First of all, go to your admin panel.
  2. Click on Team Management and then select Clubs & Opposition.
  3. Press the Add New button.
  4. Into the top text field enter the name of the club which you are creating.
  5. Optionally, use the colour picker (on click) to set a primary and secondary colour for this club.
    At this step you may also decide to add other details about the club, such as the year of formation and any notable honours.
  6. Tick the “Competitions” (leagues and cups) in which this club participates in, or has done in the past.

    Note: You must have already added any leagues and cups previous to adding/editing this club.
  7. Next, tick the correct Seasons accordingly – this would appear on the right hand side if viewing on a PC or towards the bottom of the page on a mobile.

    Note: You must have already added any seasons (e.g. 2017-18) previous to adding/editing this club.
  8. Tick the correct Venue(s) accordingly for this club.

    Note: You may tick more than one pitch/ground as this club may play at multiple pitches. At this step, it is not necessary to select away match venues. You must have already added any grounds/pitches previous to adding/editing this club.
  9. Optionally, you may upload or set a logo for this club. Press ‘Set Club Badge’ to select an image to use as this club’s logo/emblem.

    This will load a popup window that will allow you to upload an image from your PC or select from an existing image already uploaded to your site.
  10. Finally, click Publish / Update!

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