New Website for Foxhall FC, designed by Team Websites
New Website for Foxhall FC, designed by Team Websites

Team Websites Establishes Partnership with Foxhall FC

Team Websites are delighted to announce that they have established a partnership with Blackpool-based youth football club, Foxhall F.C.

To recognise the continued growth of the club both on and off-the-pitch, we first established contact with one of their team managers during the early stages of last year; after several phrases of testing and feedback, we are hereby delighted to reveal the finished and polished product!

In recent times, we have worked closely with Foxhall Under 10 Sporting’s manager, Oliver Perkins, in respect of delivering a website that their club can be proud of, as well as drawing up an administrators online control panel, which would be easy to use and update, from the perspective of a team manager.

As the current season draws to a close, the club are already beginning in their preparations for next season, and there is no better place to start than with a new website…

What may have costed as much as designing a club website creation platform such as Team Websites, Foxhall FC’s new website allows them to focus on their on-pitch efforts and take the burden off of team managers updating the relevant sections of the club’s website.

Famous 5 Features

We give you a little insight into the features Foxhall currently have activated and are enjoying with their custom-designed club website template…

  1. Live Composer – We have sourced a new page builder which we have rolled out to release in Version 2 of our club website product. This will allow even the ‘non-techy’ users, with the latest drag and drop technology, and team managers to update their own team page.
  2. Sponsors Widgets – Why be restricted with where you can add blocks of sponsors logos, and even links to their websites? Have the freedom of monetizing your club website – perhaps even make use of our drag and drop page builder to add this feature to certain or all pages.
  3. Documents – Many club website providers enforce what are called responsible restrictions with the uploading, attaching and posting of documents to news articles and pages. Forget such further restrictions… Create a dedicated page to hold all your club’s Documents, or attach to each page individually.
  4. Social Integration – Linking their existing social media pages to their new website, Foxhall display both their Facebook profile and Twitter feeds in the ‘sidebar’ of their new club website; also there is no limitation in regards to the positioning of these social media widgets and other social sharing elements.
  5. Drag and Drop Contact Forms – Many providers of club websites do not even make such a basic feature available to club webmasters. Foxhall can create as many contact forms to their heart’s desire, adding to relevant team pages, to enable a direct method of contact for team managers.

We are delighted to welcome a growing youth football club to our bespoke club website network, who make the move from another club website provider, and have indicated their intention to be more active with their online presence.

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