Founded in 2016, by Nick Brown and Morgan McLellan, Team Websites offers a completely customisable yet affordable, responsive and easy to use website option for grassroots football clubs.

We are dedicated to improving the communication, management and perception of grassroots clubs.

From our early research, we explored various different club website providers, but struggled to find a provider which offered that extra level of customisation – something which went far and beyond than simply offering the ability to change colours and upload the club’s badge.

In July 2018, grassroots enthusiast Paul came aboard, replacing Nick Brown in a business development role. It was recognised that Paul would be key to the long-term success of Team Websites due to his regular engagement with grassroots football clubs. He also recognised the quality and potential of the platform; his passion for growing the project was a key factor in inviting him to help drive Team Websites forward.


Our four key principles are:

Accessibility – All websites representing any official organisation or group, such as a football club, should be accessible to all audiences. Forget inappropriate adverts popping up and taking over your screen. With our Free club websites, our adverts are provided by Google. They have been filtered to not show particular age-restricted products – this hopefully goes some way to help safeguard young people online.

Sustainability – While we try to reinvest in the platform we provide, it is imperative, first and foremost, to cover any associated costs. We strive to provide the best value to our clubs and regularly engage with them to seek feedback. Feedback is invaluable for the continuous improvement and development of the service we provide. We have invested significantly, both time and money, to drive Team Websites forward to where it is today. Instead of investing sizeable amounts in marketing and advertising, our intention is to establish further partnerships with organisations and other County FA’s.

Unite and Inspire – Through various initiatives – past, present and future – we hope to unite Grassroots football, providing a platform to allow Grassroots to grow and flourish. Promoting a positive image of the game we love, the opportunity to inspire is certainly there. We try to interact with as many people as we can. We would always try to promote opportunities and pathways of involvement, inclusivity and development within football – regardless of someone’s background or circumstances – including playing, coaching, club management and refereeing.

Usability – Is said website responsive? Easy to use? Can it be updated in just a few clicks? These are all questions that our design expert asks himself prior to producing a website? Forget having to scroll, or pinch and zoom just to see the desired content.

Meet The Team


Business Manager

Paul has been involved in grassroots football for around 30 years as a school boy player, through to open-aged football and then coaching at grassroots level. He has a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of youth football from clubs to leagues.

He brings an unrivalled raft of experience and knowledge of football at grassroots level.


Support Specialist

Coming soon.


Design & Support

Morgan is an 18-year-old football referee and pasta-lover, with a passion for digital marketing and website design. He built up the foundations of the club website platform over the course of a few months.

Passionate about digital marketing and website design, 18-year-old referee and pasta-lover, Morgan, built up the foundations of the club website platform over the course of a few months.